turkey dinners & family gatherings

i had a fabulous weekend. 
i got to meet my 1 month old nephew.
his name is bentley.
and he is the cutest thing in the world.
he makes me baby hungry.

thanksgiving was awesome.
we all got together and had a grand ol' time. 
minus my brother and nephew. we definitely missed them!

i got to play with my nephews before they left. 
every time i hang around kids, they always have a way to teach me a life lesson.

and my favorite part...
decorating for christmas.
we still don't even have a christmas tree. 
we don't know where to get a good one for a reasonable price!
so any of you utahn's can feel free to let us in on your christmas tree secrets and hookups.

i am a firm believer in not listening to christmas music
until the day after thanksgiving.
it is like a strict policy.
i will get sick of christmas music too early if that happens.
and here is yet another reason to love nordstrom.

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