serve your spouse, dang it!

i have mentioned several times that service to your spouse is crucial in a happy & positive marriage. i was thinking about what i could do for my husband the other day & this list came to mind. i have done some of these and/or plan to do them in the future. i think the little things and the small acts of service truly mean the most. you don't have to go buy your husband a new car with your whole life savings to show him you love him. but instead, you should pick something every day, and do something nice for him. it's the least you could do.

• make his favorite dinner with candles & dim the lights. make it romantic, baby!
• buy him new tools for work.
• buy him seat covers for his car or truck.
• come home with his favorite dessert from his favorite restaurant.
• write him love letters. twice a month. at least.
• clean out his car or truck for him.
• if you ever have work off, go to his work & help him.
• if you're ever away for work, or vice versa, send pizza to his room with a love note.
• bring him lunch and a cute love note to his work.
• surprise him with a planned vacay.
• thank him for everything he does for you.
• ask HIM on a date & plan something fun to do together.
• put sticky notes of things you love about him all over {inside} his vehicle. 
• call unexpectedly just to tell him you love him.
• treat him to a back or foot rub 
• write cute notes or draw funny faces on the eggs for him to find
• tell him how much you appreciate him & his hard work.
 • make a lunch for him so it's ready when he goes to work.
• pray with him every morning. if you have to, remind him to do it with you.
• dress up in a nice outfit (or sexy, if you prefer :) ) and greet him when he gets home!
• have a day of compliments. compliment him on more than one thing.
• send him flirty texts.
• iron his clothes.
• take him on a picnic. if it's too cold, have it in your family room! 

i suppose a lot of people can't do some of these things due to kids or other situations. but you can always find ways to serve your spouse. no matter what situation you are in. sooo what small acts of kindness do you do for your husband (or wife)? 

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