let's be kids again. ooootaay.

this past week was pretty fun. recently, mr. schroeder mentioned that going out to dinner is not date night. that's just dinner. and he said we need to plan activities. hah! i'm not going to complain against that! so he asked me on a date last week & we got to be kids again at a place called airborne. oh, did you know bentley williams from the bachelorette owns that place? did you also know he lives in my neighborhood? dang it..why can't he be nicer? ugh. ANYWAYS..we got to be kids again. and it was a blast. i wish i would have taken more pictures because mr. schroeder is a monkey! there is an obstacle course we got to play on & i didn't even get past the monkey bars. whaaat? i need to work on my biceps or something. 

mr. schroeder admitted to me that he doesn't know how to do a backflip. so he tries a few times, and vuala! he got it. perfect. 

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