why i blog

in my opinion, i think there are a few reasons why people blog. some people prefer to blog just to meet friends. some blog to make their writing a business and make money. and some do it just to get all of their feelings out. 

a few weeks ago, my friend amberly asked me what my husband thought of me blogging. i sort of had to think a bit for an answer. she mentioned that her husband jokes around with her about what she is and isn't going to post on the blog. mr. schroeder has definitely done that once or twice too! it's silly. my husband supports it full-heartedly. he is so sweet the way he reads my blog late at night in bed. he loves reading comments from supportive readers & thinks it's great that i have continued writing throughout our whole marriage. 

i think the main reasons i blog are: 

• i want to document our marriage. 
• i want to write about our hardships & trials in hopes of inspiring other people & allowing them to hopefully know that they are not alone in what they are dealing with.
• a perk in blogging is meeting new people. though that's not WHY i do it, it's definitely made me new friends & amazing and supportive women who i absolutely adore. 

throughout it all, i think we all just need to remember to be true to ourselves. one of my biggest pet peeves is when people sugar-coat their lives. it's wonderful to talk about all the great things going in your life. some people truly don't feel comfortable expressing their trials & challenges they are facing. but when people overdo everything & exaggerate it to make others think their life is perfect? it's not worth it. just be true to yourself. write your heart out. and post what you're comfortable posting. 

blogging has always been an outlet for me. it will never be about the money or about the followers. 
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