the scan button

i love to play pranks on people, especially my husband. this time, it wasn't necessarily a prank, but a super funny moment that i had to share.

while we were in arizona, we rented a car. & if you know me very well, you know that i have to have music playing at all times. so i turn on the radio, & i decided to press "scan" to go through all the radio stations & find one i liked. if you're not familiar with the scan button, every 5-6 seconds, the radio changes to the next station to scan through all the radio stations. little did i know, mr. schroeder was not familiar with the scan button.

every 5 seconds, when the radio station changed, i would flick my hand in front of the radio as if i was magical by changing it without touching the system. after three changes, mr. schroeder said, "how are you doing that? what are you doing?" the whole way home, i was turning scan on & off to make him think i was magically changing the channel. he kept saying, 

"is there an app for this radio station or something?" 
while waving his hand in front of it "change the channel!!"
"this is really pissing me off. what exactly did you do?" 

i always looked forward to riding in the rental car to see if he could finally figure it out. by the end of the trip, he did. & he left me with super funny memories & infinite tummy-hurting laughter. 
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