catching up...

here are some weekly highlights & some of my favorite things.
smithsonian museum in dc.

 my new favorite restaurant.
au bon pain. amazing.

 the future romney's place. what?

 the three-day drive we just made.
the whole thing was absolutely beautiful.

 trevor's favorite thing. guns galor…


i was born today.
so i think i am going to attempt to take advantage of each and every free item i can find.
here is an awesome list of free stuff you could get on your birthday. the bolded ones are my favorite!
happy birthday to me!

abuelo's: free entree. ace rewards: $5 off $20 coupon. amf …

better than your average chicken salad sandwich

i would feel guilty if i hadn't posted the recipe to the yummiest chicken salad sandwich out there.
it comes from the worldwide ward cookbook. buy here. 
please tell me if you end up making it. it is easy peasy and absolutely de-lish!

1/2 c. mayo 2 tbs. lemon juice 1/4 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. oni…

free iphone ringtone tutorial

whoot! new ringtones make me giddy.
totally okay. . . no arguing legality here!

after this step, make sure you go back into "get info"  and uncheck the start & stop times.  otherwise it won't play the whole song.

*be sure to have your iPhone plugged in. . . 
otherwise the TONES folder m…
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