we dig sunday's

i get to play the lazy Sunday game with Mr. Schroeder every week.
it is a bit puzzling how two people can love each other that much.
he's pretty cool. 

Living in the Vee Ayy.

Virginia Beach has been well...splendid.

I think I have proved to myself that the beach is my new besty.
There are weird birds that laugh really long and loud. It makes me smile.
Cops to give you speeding tickets on the highways are in helicopters.
During one of my quick layovers, I passed PappaDeaux Seafo…

Skype Date

I remember last summer when  Mr. Schroeder and I had our Sunday Skype dates.
We re-lived that today.
Hey guys?  I am still a giddy school girl. It's quite awesome.
&& am grateful for the opportunity I get to  join Trev in Virginia Beach this summer.
It was kind of agonizing last year to see his …