Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Living in the Vee Ayy.

Virginia Beach has been

I think I have proved to myself
that the beach is my new besty.

There are weird birds that laugh really long and loud.
It makes me smile.

Cops to give you speeding tickets on the highways are in helicopters.

During one of my quick layovers,
I passed
PappaDeaux Seafood Kitchen.

It was a bit painful not to stop
and just try a lil' shrimp cocktail
or a quick order of alligator.

The first day here, I decided to situate everything around the house.
Since boys set things up rather silly.
I went grocery shopping,
started making diner.

I was allllmooost done when Mr. Schroeder gets home.
He instantly gets the biggest grin on his face
and exclaims,

"Oh my gooossh! You are SO cute.
Can i get a picture of you?"

Then proceeds to hug me and tell me how much he loves me.
It was rather adorable.

Trev got to be a happy boy and ride this sucker around.
Oody oody.. he makes me happy.

This is my philosophy:

Marriage isn't necessarily constant rainbows & unicorns all the time.
it is certainly beautiful while serving each other,
loving each other,
and making a solid effort to
become closer to God...

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