a trial and a burden

at this exact moment..
i am feeling blessed.

i have lived a remarkable life. 
a few struggles,
but nothing real major.
i have never experienced the loss of a parent or sibling.
but i have lost a few friends.
thus far, 
i have felt my life is a good one.

do you ever hear a talk, story, or speech
that touched you in a way allowing you to think,
"this was made and written for me."
at church last sunday,
we read through 3rd nephi chapter 17.
it talked of healing the sick of the righteous.
then it hit me. 
if i put my faith and trust in God,
i can be healed, too. 

for the past few weeks, 
an overwhelming trial has sneaked up on me.
i still don't know how i will make it through.
i received a comforting hug from my mom as she said, 
"this is your trial. it's a test to see how you get through." 

i am literally tearing up right now. 
i am not gonna cry. 

life is tossing me around like a crowd surfer at a heavy metal concert.
but whatever curve-ball life throws me..
i will hit a home run.

i am okay.
i don't want sympathy.
i just want to get my thoughts out there.
i will be okay.
and through this gospel,
i know that i will never be given anything i can't handle.


  1. I am so grateful for this honest HONEST post. And I am so happy that you just put it all out there like this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And know that your thoughts are spot on. I have been going through some stuff too and this post is a reminder of the tests that we get from Him... not to show us our weakness but to show us our strength! That is the one thing I know... Heavenly Father gives us trials when we are ready and He is ready for us to grow from them. Go read Doctrine and Covenants 45:62.

    And on a side note. Here I am, your newest follower :)
    Love, The Skinnys

  2. Oh I love this. I can relate all too well right now. I am learning such an incredible lesson about the Atonement right now and how it covers all forms of pain and unhappiness. Good luck with everything! And I'll have a correct-sized button to give you soon :)

  3. we go through life hoping we won't have to learn some lessons and then when they come we complain and then always always after the lesson is learned we come out stronger, a better person. hang in there and cling to God through this time

  4. What a sweet, honest post. I have Alma 26:22 written up on the wall right now, because it reminds me to rely on the Lord, especially when it's hard. Stay strong, my dear!

  5. Hi Amanda-I just stumbled across your blog and I will definitely be following from now on, I love the honesty of this post. Right now you may not feel as though you know how you are going to get through this overwhelming task, but you will, you will find your way, I can hear your determination. Thank you for the quote, it took me a long time to stop being ashamed of my scars and this reminds me of why I shouldn't be. Take gentle care.

  6. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    You are amazing, Amanda! i needed your words today.. thank you for being able to share this. I needed a reminder and i'm glad i read through your blog :) keep doing what you're doing cos you are helping so many people, including me! xxx


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