years and years ago,
my mother purchased a tanzanite.
they were such a great deal that she decided to go get three more.
one for each of her daughters.

as some of you know,
we like to go to dallas and shop!
shopping til we drop {literally}
wholesale clothing, jewelry & decor!
it is fabulous.

the last time we went a few months ago,
my mother pulled all three tanzanites out
and told us we were going to get to put them into a setting while we were there.

we were all so extremely excited and giddy.
my mother had saved these stones for over a decade!

and now...
my ring is done.
whoop whoop!

my mother is the most caring woman you will ever meet.
she serves those in need
and hardly ever buys or does things for herself.
she is a gem.
and i am so blessed to call her my mother.

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