Lyric Lanae

It's been so long since I've given any love to this blog of mine. But now that Lyric is 8 months old (what? How do I have an 8-month old?), I thought I'd share a little bit about her birth, her stats, and our time with her for those first few magical days.

On July 27, 2018, we made our way to Riverton Hospital. I was 39 weeks. Lyric's birth was a little abnormal, as I didn't labor at all for her. For health reasons, our doctor felt it was best for me to have a scheduled C-section. Once we got to the hospital, we kept saying, "This is it. This is happening. There's no going back now!" I even looked at the little cart with a freshly spread out blanket, imagining my perfect baby girl laying in there in just a few short hours.

It was interesting because as I was laying there, I started contracting. Interesting! The nurse mentioned that even if I wasn't having a C-section, I probably would have delivered Lyric that day anyways.

Once they wheeled me back into the operating room, they gave me the spinal (ouch, by the way). I immediately got suuuuper nauseous. So much that I was about to throw up. So, the anesthesiologist gave me some nausea medicine through my IV and within seconds, I felt better.

While I was pretty loopy from the spinal & pain meds, the entire C-section experience was actually super rad. Many people scared me, and I thought it'd be a pretty traumatic experience, but it was really, really special. I asked for a clear curtain so that I could watch (as much as I could beyond my big belly). The feeling of a C-section is super weird. Because you feel the cut, and tugging, and some more tugging. My abs were really hard to separate, so they tugged so hard, my body was rocking from side to side. It was kinda funny. Yet I didn't feel pain. I even saw one of my intestines squiggle out. Too far? Sorry, don't throw up.

When they pulled Lyric out, they placed her right next to me to begin cleaning her off, getting her weight, height, etc. She was so beautiful! The first thing Trevor said to me was, "She has your nose. It's crooked." Haha! He then said, "I think she looks like a Lyric."

We talked about the name Lyric for years. I'm a musician and absolutely obsessed with music -- Trevor loves music as well. We chose her middle name after my mom, and call her "Lyric Lanae." We love her so much and have been smitten with her for 8 full months now.

My friend Lexi had planned on taking pictures for us for months. She is insanely talented and has a gift. If you're looking for a photographer, please consider her. She captured the moments perfectly right after we got out of the operating room, with both of Trevor's parents, and my mom there. They bring me to tears every time I see them. Here are a few of our favorites.

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