Thankful Thursday

i am thankful for my husband.

he is gentle,
and so so Christ-like.

we have so much fun together.

he lifts me up.

he is extremely talented.
and funny.

i am not sure how many of you
know our story.

on the first date,
both of us instantly knewthat we were meant for each other.

i will never forget the way he talked about his family.

that is so so important to me.

tears filled his eyes
as he talked about his mother
battling cancer,
his siblings he cares for so much,
and his loving father
he got his attributes from.

i am so thankful for him.
my life was complete chaos before him,
and now he is my everything.

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  1. That is just awesome! I love this post! I am thankful for Trev too! He is such a great guy and an amazing example to me. He Really has changed my life more than anyone knows in fact he helped save it. I can say without him I would be where I am today. I am grateful for the relationship that we have. I love you Trev. I am so happy that you have Trev and that Trev has you. This post seriously had tears running down my face.

    P.s. I love the Journal and I didn't even have one so it was perfect


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