Virginia Beach, VA, USA


Virginia Beach is amazing.
It is beautiful.
And living on the east coast sounds priceless.

Okay, let's do it!

We're moving across the country in May.
Mr. Schroeder is going to work out there.

We are going to be free-spirits.
that is what makes me so excited.

I can't wait to ride across the boardwalk
on my beach cruiser.
Smiling at everyone and admiring 
the whole. nine. yards.

Don't fret.
We'll be back.

I kind of can't control my excitement.

We will miss our friends and family.
Of course.

Per Contra..
I cannot get Virginia Beach out of my head.
we're going to be 4 minutes from the beach.
how can I not be stoked about this? 

And hey..
I've always wanted to visit the DC temple.

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