i remember

i remember seeing photos of you..
and thinking,
"he is so handsome.
ah stop.
he is a missionary.
that is weird.
ohhh my gravy...
where is that kid from?!"

i remember dismissing those photos from my mind
and fast forwarding my life..

i remember being foolishly heartbroken.
 i remember never wanting to date a stupid boy ever again.
i remember my sister calling me 
asking if i wanted to go on a date with you.
my first instinct: 
i was given a comforting feeling.
a weird awareness in the back of my mind..
"okay. i guess."

i remember you getting lost in logan.
go four blocks north. 
that's 400 north.
go 5 blocks east.
that's 500 east.
why is it so hard? 

i remember freaking out 
because through texting, 
i really liked you.
 a lot.
but that wasn't enough.

i remember you pulling into the roundabout.
driving that sexy jeep...
and me standing there in an outfit that took me 24 hours to pick out.
i remember driving to olive garden.
and i remember complimenting your hazel eye balls.

i remember that first kiss that took my breath away.
the kiss i always dreamed of..
you know..
"the kind that made you smile during liplock?"
i remember that same comforting feeling telling me 
i was going to marry you someday.
i remember forgetting about the stupid boy that broke my heart.
and i remember saying those three meaningful words
 two short weeks after meeting you.

 i remember the heart-wrenching three and a half months we spent apart.
and i remember going ring shopping with my mama.
she didn't want me to get married.
but she knew it was right.
i know she did.

i remember you lying about why you drove to california...
when it was really just to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend.
and i wear it every day.
and stare at it..daily.

i remember when we said 
"yes" across the alter.
and i will forever cherish the priceless memories we have made.

someone told me last week that our love was inspiring.
that we were here to show others how to love.
and i believe it.
we have been through hell and back together.
and most days, i don't know how my love can get stronger.
but it does.

i love you, mr. schroeder.
and i can't wait to make a family with you!
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