neighbor gifts...what to give

this is my first year giving neighbor gifts. 
if you know my know that 
she is one of the most thoughtful people ever. 
every year, she bakes for hours and hours & days and days...
all for her neighbors.
she makes caramels that are to die for. 
i decided to incorporate this tradition into our family.

this weekend,
my mom and i spent about 48 hours 
cooking and making neighbor gifts. 
i'm super excited to give my neighbors the delicious goodies.

these caramel & chocolate covered pretzels are to die for.
& super super simple!

 i have to leave the recipe for peppermint popcorn i got from plain chicken.
it is probably the easiest thing you'll ever make.

2 bags microwave popcorn, popped 
1 6 oz. box candy canes, crushed.
1 package almond bark
1 tsp peppermint extract or a few drops of peppermint oil

I switched the order of this up a little because it worked better for me. 

i fit all the popcorn into a super large bowl. (the biggest one you have, really.)
in a separate bowl, i melted the almond bark (following instructions on package) 
mixed in the peppermint
pour over popcorn.
add crushed candy canes.
put the popcorn on wax paper until it hardens & enjoy! 

it is my new favorite holiday treat.

i put the pretzels & popcorn in some paper bags &
tied on cute tags i got from pick your plum.

if you want me to email you these tags, i will be glad to do so! 
leave your email in the comments and i'll send them your way.

you can also use these from shabby apple. they're both super cute!

again, if you need a link for these, let me know!

what did you do for neighbor gifts this year?


  1. oh my goodness those pretzels look freaking amazing!
    seriously now i need to make some.
    also, we both just love popcorn so we will definitely have to try this.
    im about to sound like a jerk but we aren't doing neighbor gifts.
    to be honest i haven't ever met half of our neighbors before, seriously though.
    everyone around us isn't very kind, so we tried.
    we have people in the basement, but the few times we tried to bring them cookies they wouldn't answer the door, so i m not trying again. lol.
    im a bad person


  2. I would love the recipes to either one of these! (:
    Peppermint is my favorite.

    We don't actually have neighbors. I'm from the south, and I live in a stereotypical un surrounded house. Haha. But I have other people I could make it for.

  3. These pretzels look absolutely delicious and I can not believe you made that popcorn, yum!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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