Mormon Monday: What do Mormons believe in?

 In February, I received an email from a girl asking me about my religion. I shared, sent her a Book of Mormon, and we carried on our conversation. Suddenly, I would receive 5-6 emails/week asking me questions, a lot of them being about me being Mormon. Some were really good questions and some were silly. I remember even getting one asking if we believed people would go straight to hell if they didn't join our church. In case you are wondering, no. We don't believe that whatsoever!

 I think the web is a fabulous place to share all the knowledge you have, your thoughts, and share what consumes your heart. My heart is filled with the gospel and my family, therefore, that is what I write about. I wanted to share my beliefs and my knowledge with those who were curious, as well as try & set some things straight. For the most part, I will be answering questions I have received, questions I think should be answered, or even appropriate questions people comment & ask me. If not, I will share a religious message that could benefit all. To start this series, I'll start with this question:

What do Mormons believe in?

The Pew Forum poll was conducted in 2007 and found that 51% of Americans know "not very much" or even "nothing" about the Mormon church. If you're among those, let's change that!

Mormons follow Christ's teachings and example. We live our lives to serve Him and teach of His eternal plan. We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God & our Savior of the world. By following His example and His teachings, we can be sure to find peace and happiness.

We believe in the Plan of Salvation. Before you came to earth, your spirit lived with Heavenly Father who created you. You knew Him, He knew you, and He loved you. God then allowed you to come to earth to experience the joy, as well as some pain, of having a physical body. God has a plan for each one of us. He wants each of us to become more like Him and learn & grow from our mistakes.

We believe Heavenly Father has restored the ancient Gospel of Jesus Christ through latter-day prophets.

We have prophets we follow in which God gives us commandments through them to help us live a full and happy life.

The central purpose of our church (& as Christians), is to help all people come unto Christ.

We believe God has used a humble righteous man named Joseph Smith (he was a prophet) to restore His church on earth.

The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our faith & a record of God's dealings with prophets & His children in America.

There are 13 statements in our scriptures that describe basic teachings and ordinances. To view them, click here.
These answers are purely answered to the best of my knowledge. I will always cite where I received my answer if it is not from my heart. 
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