some encouraging words

It seems like my life is a roller coaster! Things have been going fabulously, and then something will crash. This week, I have learned that without my friends and family, I wouldn't be here. I am completely amazed at all the support and the unwavering love I receive from them. Earlier this week, I sat down in my shower and just started bawling. I kept asking God, "Why me? Why must you give this to ME when I clearly am not handling this very well?" In return, I logged into Pinterest the next morning to see a quote that struck me like no other mother. First off, I shouldn't ever be asking "Why me?" My sister texted me a few days ago and said, "Every one of us have mortal problems. It's part of our trials on earth." It sorta hit me in a different way it would had I not been a little sad in the moment. I know I'm not a typography guru, nor do I use completely straight lines. However, I decided to make this amazing quote I read into a photo, even a printable for myself. These words are remarkable. And every time I want to ask, "Why me?" I simply think that the Savior Himself went through every kind of pain and sorrow before I did. And He knows exactly what I am feeling.

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