At this particular moment, I am feeling nothing shy of blessed. As I mentioned previously, I got let go of my job. Exactly three weeks later, I got a strike of luck. After being let go, I began applying for jobs. MANY jobs. I applied at Zions Bank for a teller position (realizing I couldn't be too picky if I don't have my degree yet) and got an interview the next day. I went and interviewed and it went wonderfully. However, when I left the building, I didn't have that great of a feeling about it. So I kept applying for different kinds of jobs, especially ones that struck my fancy.

About a week and a half later, I got a call from Zions Bank to tell me that I had received the teller position. Still, not feeling that great about it, I turned it down. WHAT? I turned a job down? I thought I was so silly, but I couldn't explain my feelings toward it. Then, then, then, I got an interview (and I totally wasn't expecting to, either!) with one company that I had always dreamed of working for. I was so incredibly nervous. I had a phone interview, which resulted in a second interview at the physical location. One week later, I got a call from the hiring manager to tell me that I got the position if I was still interested. I accepted! 

After the phone call, I couldn't help but cry, just a little, and say a quick prayer to thank the big man upstairs for all of his help. I am so happy. The company I will be working for is an online marketing company. I never would have expected to get this job as well as have so many opportunities to grow! At my last job, I felt stuck. I started to become unhappy simply because there was absolutely no room to grow, and now my opportunities are endless. It took me three weeks. Right now, right this very second, it can't get better. Now, I understand the quote by Dalai Lama. "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." I really didn't want to lose my job. Per contra, it's now such a wonderful stroke of luck.
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