The Mini

Folks. I play the harp. And my harp is a concert grand pedal. Huge. 6 feet tall. That being said, when I play at weddings and other similar events, I have to have a car to haul the harp in. In my senior year of high school, I bought a Honda Element so that I could play more harp events. It served me well as I played about 26 events throughout the course of the car. Then, the car got old and we had to start searching for new cars. I found a few SUV's I liked but they wouldn't hold my harp! I sort of hated the fact that I had to make this big decision on a car just to fit my musical instrument. We looked around at so many different cars and then Trevor convinced me to test out the new mini cooper countryman's. I hated mini coopers. I thought you'd get squished and die in an accident and I just didn't think they were very cool, until I got in a countryman. When the idea of my harp came up, we decided that we were going to save for a smaller harp. That way, I could teach little kids AND haul a smaller harp much much easier. Here's a couple of pictures of our new ride. It's a speedy little thing and so fun to drive. BUT BUT BUT..I do miss my element. So many memories in that orange loveliness.

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