When I got back from Hawaii, I told Mr. Schroeder that something needed to change. I needed to become more adventurous and more daring. I hated that I was so introverted. I hated that I was a ‘baby’ whether it be on roller coaster rides or scary adventurous things. In Hawaii, we went on this crazy hike. It was all rocks and I was in sandals. There was a waterfall at the end of the hike and I took a short little swim. On the way back, sandals and rocks weren’t a good idea because I was WET and would’ve slipped everywhere. I decided to go barefoot, through all the rocks. It was about 30 minutes with no shoes and for some reason, I loved it! It hurt like heck but it spiked some sort of interest in me wanting to do crazy ridiculous things more often. I’m not going to turn down any roller coaster rides because I’m ‘too scared.’ I’ll go on them. I’m not necessarily saying that I’m going skydiving, because heck no, I am NOT going skydiving. I dyed my hair red this past week. It’s red/purple/pink! Trev and I both love it. See? Me being adventurous? I’ve NEVER done something super crazy with my hair. I thought it was time. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m a new me!

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