The Lake & Friends

I can't get over how behind I am with my posts. I'm not even sure if I consider myself a "blogger" anymore. When people ask what we did this summer, we're constantly responding with "the lake." My parents recently finished their lake house and it is way too much of a dream. We invited some friends (Sam & Danny) to come up to Bear Lake and spend the day kayaking and spending time on the beach.

Funny side note story! I met Sam through the blogging world. She has quickly turned into one of my best friends. It's so interesting how that works. There aren't many people who understand my sense of humor, my random bathroom snapchats, and my sudden breakdowns. She is seriously the best and I am so blessed to call her and her adorable family my favorites. Oh, they also have a son named Evan. He is Mr. Schroeder's new best friend. They spent a little bit of time putting dirt into dump trucks and pouring it back out.

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