Diamond Fork

I posted something on social media a little while back about convincing Mr. Schroeder to love Utah. He always stated that he would never marry a Utah girl, let alone live in Utah, yet here we are. I've been trying to scope out the prettiest places, hikes, and secret attractions to convince him how much beautiful Utah really has to offer. 

A little while ago after work, we hiked up to Diamond Fork hot springs. It was about a 2.5 mile hike one way, yet super easy. We spent a little while soaking it up in the hot springs and taking in all the beauty around us. The water was literally glowing. It was gorgeous. I think I'm getting there with the convincing! 

If you're in Utah and want to go on this hike, follow the directions. Google Maps takes you to the incorrect place (if you simply enter "Diamond Fork Hot Springs") and you probably don't want to drive around looking for the right location. Instead, enter these coordinates into your GPS and it should take you straight to the trailhead with no problems! 

40°05'05.6"N 111°21'16.6"W
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