Resisting Change

I often wonder if many individuals experience the same lightbulb moment as I do when it comes to school and learning. I spent two years at Utah State. I did well in my classes; however, I didn't embrace every second of my schooling and try to soak everything in while learning everything I could to better myself. I took a two year break (which I am rather grateful for to grow up for a second), and now I am back. It's rather interesting because now, I am really enjoying my classes. There was a lesson a few weeks ago about resisting to change, and how many individuals refuse to accept these changes. 

If you haven't figured it out by now, change is inevitable. It's going to happen throughout your life. Constantly. This is why I thought this lesson was incredible. There are 5 reasons that individuals might resist change. The final result is simple. Identify the reason(s) that you currently possess, and change them. 

1. Habit 
Life can be extremely difficult. We have to make countless decisions every single day. We constantly rely on our habits or our programmed responses. Joe's employees can work without thinking about it simply because they've done it for a long time. Their way of doing things has become a habit. 

2. Security
If you have a high need for security, you're most likely resisting change because it threatens those feelings you possess for safety. Some of Joe's employees are professionals in their field because they know how to compute certain situations. Once a computer system is in place, they might not be as important. 

3. Economical factors
Sometimes, change can result in a decrease in individuals pay. Judy interpreted Joe's comment about efficiency as a threat to his job. New technology could eventually replace him and completely take away his income. 

4. Fear of the unknown
*ding ding ding* This is my biggest problem. It's too easy to feel comfortable. Changes substitute ambiguity and uncertainty. 

5. Selective information processing
Individuals will shape their world through their perceptions. Once they've created that type of world, it resists change.

Not to go all 'school teacher' on you, but I promise if you identify one or more of these factors that are making you resist change, and work on changing that, you will learn to embrace change, love  it, and look forward to the future. 
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