A needed little getaway

A couple of my friends got sealed in the St. George temple a few weeks back. Mr. Schroeder and I had the opportunity to drive down and attend it. This temple might be in my top 5. It is so gorgeous! Having a little getaway with my sweetie was just what I needed. We went and drove through Zion National Park and it took us like 20 minutes. We didn't bring hiking shoes, so I'm not sure why we thought it would be a good idea to just drive through it. The coolest part was a mile long tunnel. Trev and I were making jokes throughout it and we were certain it was going to collapse on us. 

Our last night in St. George consisted of Trev buying me a cat onesie (yep, weird) and eating Ben & Jerry's in our hotel room. I love this man of mine. I love our life together. I'm so ridiculously grateful for everything the Lord has given me. And I'm dang grateful of those little reminders.
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