A Love Challenge

It's officially February! Which is, well, super crazy. But it's also Valentines month, which is my favorite. I'm not really ashamed to admit that I decorated my house for Valentines day on January 1. January is boring anyway..why not celebrate love? 

When I saw the church's 14-day Love One Another challenge, I was super stoked to hop on and join the challenge. My grandmother's favorite hymn was always "Love One Another." I've always strived to show love to all of those I encounter. The best part of this challenge is that each day, your "challenge" is actually rather simple, or maybe for some people. Focus on these things for the next 14 days, and feel free to share with me how much you can feel your heart growing! Because I promise it'll happen.

May we all just..love one another..a little more. 
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