How to save money....easily

I've never been the best at saving money. Heck, I'm still not amazing at saving money. It's something that Mr. Schroeder and I are constantly striving to improve on. I felt the need to write about an app that has seriously saved us these past 6 months or so. It's called Qapital. 

Here's How it Works
You set up rules for your purchases and the app will automatically deduct amounts out of your checking account to save.

Huh? Every time I tell someone that they respond with, "Wait...give me an example."

My Rules
I only have two rules in place right now. Initially, when I setup the app, I didn't expect the huge impact that it actually had.

1. Round Up Rule: Each purchase that I make, Qapital will automatically round it up $2. You can choose whatever amount you'd like for it to round up. Within 3 months, and using my debit card (I literally use this card for everything), I had saved over $500. It was something that I didn't even notice coming out of my checking account. It was nuts!

2. Guilty Pleasure Rule: Now, if you're struggling going to Mcdonalds often....or Starbucks (ehh hemm...this is my struggle), you can make it so that Qapital actually takes an additional amount out each time you go. That $5 drink at Starbucks?'s actually gonna cost ya $15. It has allowed me to not only break bad habits, but to save money as well when I do cave in.

Download Qapital. Like, right now. I promise you won't regret it. Whether you have troubles saving money or not, this app will surprise you when you login and realize how much money you've saved over something you may have not noticed coming out of your checking account anyways!

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