oh baby!

i'm not a fan of month anniversaries.
but i am married now.
and staying married.

i have been married for six months today.
and i can't express the emotions i currently feel.

mr. schroeder and i
had one of the worst days yet.
so much went wrong with our day.
and we haven't had one of those yet.
but here it was....it came.

and i focused more on the negative.
mr. schroeder looks at me and says:
"remember that talk you gave me yesterday?
about not stressing about the small things?
well in the big picture, this is small.
so smile, don't let this ruin your day,
and let's go to all three meetings of church on sunday."

he is the cutest thing.
i love him.

i love how he rarely gets mad.
i love how when i'm down, he will be goofy & dance around until i smile.
i love how optimistic he is.
he is grateful.
and he'll laugh at all of my jokes.
i could go on and on about that boy.

my love for mr. schroeder grows every day.
and i can proudly and confidently say that
these past six months have been
the most challenging but best years of my life.
these challenges we have faced will bring us
closer together than we have ever been.
that being said,
i am grateful for the challenges we are currently facing
and the trials ahead.

i love you, trevor john!
you are my everything
and i can't wait to spend this fun-filled day with you.
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