a lovely week

mr. schroeder went out of town for a week.
so i participated in some major girl time. 
my mom and i baked for 48 hours. 
it was fun.
but i think i'm done baking until christmas 2013.

 i decided to catch up with some lovely people from high school.
meet paige. and ivanna.

i've got a feeling they're going to show up a lot more on this blog of mine.
you know those people who walk into your life and you think, 
"my goodness. i met you for a reason. and you are wonderful." 
i learned that not being friends with degrading friends is totally worth it...
for drama-free suckers who laugh with you & text you ugly pictures of themselves.
that is true friendship, people.

it seems like when mr. schroeder leaves,
i learn so much about myself. 
not that i don't when he's around.
but i was alone a lot. i slept alone. i ate dinner alone, most of the time.
and i got some mad revelation about myself.
i feel like a better person.
& i also feel really excited to spend evenings with him.
i don't know how military wives do it. 
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