i think it's safe to say i got spoiled this christmas.
i got a dslr camera, tilly's goodness, clothes, & much more.
trevor got a helicopter, a hanggliding lesson, an iphone, and little things in between.
more importantly, i got to ponder all about Christ.
i think most of us fail to do so...
and get caught up in the stress of getting everything done,
or even other things that shouldn't be occupying our minds as much as they do.
my dad is always making me laugh.
christmas was in idaho falls this year.
though i adore my inlaws, it was still a little tough to be away.
at least my dad gave me a good laugh with the wrapping paper before we left.
one of my ultimate favorite traditions is talking to missionaries every christmas.
last year, we got to talk to my best friend Sid.
the year before that it was my sister.
and it seems like every year, there are missionaries we get to skype.
it is so awesome to hear how much they've positively changed,
and the amazing impact they are leaving on hundreds of thousands of people.
if you aren't family, you probably haven't heard of our christmas card tradition.
every year, starting last year, we send really ugly funny and weird cards out.
i kind of love it anyways. we probably won't stop.
here's last year's picture from the card

and here's this years picture 

well just don't ask any questions.
or join us in laughing at how ugly we can possibly be.

i hope christmas was perfect for everyone.
if i could have one wish, i would wish that everyone in the world
could focus on the true meaning.
and forget about everything else in between the cracks.
*myself included.
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