date night

there are a lot of us who are date night fanatics. 
i being one of them.
it is so important. 
i thought i would come up with a list of some of our favorite date nights.
as well as some dates we are going to participate in in the future.

1. dress up,
go to dinner & a park. bring a boombox. 
have a few slow dances. 
this is my favorite place to dance. 
draper park. 
with awesome lit up trees.

2. have a tv series or movie marathon.
prison break happens to be one of our current faves.

3. go hiking & plan a picnic

4. go roller skating. 
i tend to think it is the most fun on friday night 80's night.
you dress up in neon spandex & skate the night away.

5. go bowling. 
we always like to play the "if you lose, you owe me this" game.

6. make chocolate covered bananas
oh my goodness golly gee.
you can either melt chocolate, and buy separate popsicle sticks...
or buy it ready at the grocery store.
#blog post coming soon about this baby.

7. go to the art gallery.
most galleries are free--depending on the location.
it's especially fun to go during exhibits.

8. pottery painting.
there is a place near us called "color me mine." 
it is really fun to see your spouse's creative side.

9. the at-home spa.
i like to go all out on these. 
dim the lights, light candles all over the place, and play spa music.
take turn giving each other massages. 
rinse off all the oil with a bubble bath.

10. farmer's market.
head over to the farmer's market
& then return home to make a delicious home-cooked meal 
made by the both of you.

11. comedy show
these are usually pretty inexpensive & awesome.
i tend to read reviews before i go to make sure 
the comedian is actually funny!

12. volunteer work
we are firm believers that when you serve other people,
that is when you are the happiest. 
go to a homeless shelter, 
go play with kids at the boys and girls club,
it is all free & can benefit you in the most uplifting ways.

13. dance class
my guy isn't down for this. he thinks it's gay. 
but someday, i am going to make him go to a ballroom course with me
so that we can use some of those moves in the kitchen.

14. go on a road trip.
even if it's somewhere an hour away,
sometimes a little getaway is exactly what you need.

15. go camping.
if you have the materials, camping is SO cheap.
make foil dinners, and be sure to get real cozy in that tent of yours.

16. watch the sunrise & go to breakfast.
romantic & simple.

17. go to the park & play.
throw a football, swing, play frisbee or fly kites.
there is so much you can do at the park.

18. for one weekend, turn off all electronics.
no cell phone, no ipad, no computer, no tv. 
have fun! 

19. go get a milkshake.
some of our best memories have been that simple #19.
in the mood for sweets, glancing at each other, 
and knowing we just need a milkshake to get us through the night.

20. bubble bath.
enough said. 

21. go on a bike ride. 
i love taking goofy pictures while riding our bikes. 
sometimes, i like to pull mr. schroeder on rollerblades from my bike. 

22. go fishing.
you might think i'm crazy.
but i tend to think fishing is romantic? 

23. go to an NBA, MLB, or NFL game.

24. go for a carriage ride. 
i did this downtown slc. my only recommendation 
is to bundle up real tight. it can get freeeezing. 

25. go get some hot cocoa and look at the stars. 
i love star gazing.
usually, it ends in making out. 
most of the time, at least. 

26. shooting range. 
i always love how mr. schroeder acts when he is around guns. 
he gets all giddy. he is the cutest.

27. finish a tough puzzle together.
i like to recommend ice cream with that.

28. bake together.
be sure to get in a flour fight, though.

29. go antiquing. 
i like to have mr. schroeder help me with my projects.
refinishing furniture together is fun as well!

30. go to the planetarium.
you will be amazed at everything you will learn.

31. snuggle up by the fireplace & read storybooks. 
for this reason, i am so thankful for a fireplace.

32. go on a food crawl. 
go a different place for an
 appetizer, entree, and then dessert!

33. go to the dunes. 
we are major quad & dirt biker riders.
it's fun to even just go hang out.

34. craft sister & her husband often make things together.
decorations for the home, wreaths, etc.
her husband actually enjoys it.
she has him cut the wood out, they sand them together,
& they paint the letters. love that idea! 

35. just cuddle.
spend a night together solely cuddling. that's it.
this is most definitely our favorite thing to do.

what are your favorite date night activities? 


  1. Love ALL these! Especially the slow dancing in the park, so sweet.

  2. you are so cute amanda. these are great! always love new ideas :)

  3. I'm jealous. It sounds like you two have SO much fun together.

  4. i want to go to that park now! draper park, here i come!
    i've done most of these.
    i think im going to make my husband do a puzzle with me, i love puzzles.
    also, have you done a food crawl, i've always wanted to try, it sounds fun!
    wishing we had a fireplace, maybe ill make one out of paper.
    so many good ideas, i will print this off.
    however, 2 things, being a potter i hate color me mine, hate it. instead people can come with me to the lab and i will help them make stuff. lol.
    second, i need a bath, like one i really need one today, but two like i dont know the last time i took a bath, it must of been like 5 years ago. our bath right now is old and i couldnt imagine taking a bath in it without puking.

    sorry for the novel.


  5. I am loving this cute post Amanda! My husband and I are definitely stuck in the rut of just dinner somewhere and dessert at home or a movie. I definitely need to utilize some of these great ideas! Thanks!

  6. Cute Blog!!! Our favorite is going to the temple and getting ice cream afterwards ;)

  7. i love date nights! we've taken the same day off together during the week and while the kids are in school, we take off. last time we went to the shooting range and it was so much fun! i love this list, i will have to keep some of these up my sleeve!

  8. So cuutee! Love these date night ideas! One that's on my list is ice skating!! And Disneyland! hehe

    PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog!! :)


  9. I like your list. So many times I see these types of lists and they are so...lame. But I feel like my husband and I would actually do these activities. =]

  10. What a cute post!!! Dan loves going to the arcade. Every date night he throws that suggestion out there. It's so much fun to just play and let loose like kids again. Plus, he always wins lots of tickets to get me a big prize at the end and pizza is about $1 a slice! :)

  11. Great post! So many lists really are cheesy, thanks for some great ideas!

    - Camille

  12. Just wanted you to know that you were featured in our ULTIMATE Date Idea Round-up today! Thanks for sharing your date ideas! XOXO, The Dating Divas

  13. Absolutely fantastic ideas! thank you :)

  14. I love the bubble bath one. HAHAHAHA, these are fantastic ideas!! I'll definitely favorite this post! :)

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