decide. right now.

before i got married, this is strictly all i heard...
"married life is the bomb. 
it is so fun.
it's a lot of hard work though.
but definitely worth it." 
when i was engaged,
i was caught up in how perfect my wedding was going to be. 
and how much i absolutely loved my perfect fiance. 
i didn't listen to all those people. 
and now, here i am... 
married to the best man out there & extremely happy.
we have come across many struggles. 
& will continue to get through them together.
the other day,
we were in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant
near my house talking to the owner. 
randomly, out of the blue, she started talking about marriage. 

"you need to decide RIGHT NOW if you two are going to make it. 
if you are going to make it, you need to work hard.
you will see countless of your friends get divorced,
& crazy things are bound to happen. 
but decide. because if you decide that you are going to make it, you will."

after leaving, 
we kind of looked at each other like, 
"what was that all about?" 
we aren't getting divorced. ever. 
nor has that conversation ever even came up. 
but i have had a trial come upon me that i need to get through.
it is testing my marriage. 
& at this moment,
those words from the owner of num nums make perfect sense. 
in a dreaded but grateful kind of way.

when our friends say they haven't had any struggles,
it's because they haven't faced any yet. duh.
i am grateful for these times. 
because my husband and i will become so much closer.
and show the world that nothing can tear us apart.

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