21-day challenge

i've been thinking about this little challenge i made 
& decided to share it with the world. because it is a fabulous idea.
start whenever you's never too late.

it takes 21 {consistent} days to make a habit.
so for 21 days, i decided to focus in a little more on improvements i want to make.
i am going to work on just one for 21 days & move onto the next.
making it 6 alter my life a little.
i honestly think this could change my life for the better.
each are little things that add up to big things.

 don't complain.
i think most of us do this much more than we realize.
if you watch yourself, for one day, you will definitely get a wake-up call.
from "i'm sooo tired" to "man. there's so much laundry to do." 
it's complaining. and it's not helping anything. just worsening your attitude.
for 21 days, don't complain once.

be friendly to all those around you.
wake up every morning, compliment yourself in the mirror.
compliment those in your classes, your workplace, your spouse, your family & friends.
make somebody's day.
compliment at least three people a day, for 21 days.

volunteer & serve others.
we can't all volunteer at an organization every single day.
what i am challenging myself is to serve my spouse & my family 
& volunteer at an organization once a week. 
for 21 days straight, serve others & volunteer often.

avoid procrastination.
make goals, commit, and follow through.
try doing the worst thing first. make a to-do list, and follow through.
for 21 days, get things done early, and don't procrastinate.

be accepting.
don't judge others if they did something immoral, unethical, or wrong.
take a stand in their shoes. love them through it. & don't give into bad judgment.
love those around you, even if you may not agree with their actions.
for 21 days, accept people, situations & outcomes.

set a budget & follow it.
many hardships come from stressing over money.
if you set a budget, it allows you to become more aware 
& be able to fix those money spending quirks you've got.
for 21 days, set the budget, follow through, and observe.

negativity will get you nowhere.
don't like the situation you're in? change it.
can't change it? get through it. with faith. press on. turn off your negativity.
for 21 days, stick be an optimistic and stick to being positive.

go travel the world.
go do something you've never done before.
test your fears. overcome your fears.
meet new people. allow yourself to become more outgoing.
for 21 days, do something every day that scares you.

you can become a better person. each of us are flawed.
but we can get better. by developing good habits.
remember to: strive for progress, not perfection.
for 21 days, make a habit. stay true to that habit.

in a little less than six months, i'm looking forward to seeing
the person i have become & the person i am meant to be.


  1. i LOVE this! What a wonderful idea! :)

    xox- Heather

  2. i love this idea.
    i just might have to do this.
    you're adorable.


  3. What a great idea! I hope you blog about your progress at the end of each 21-day period. I'm excited to hear all about it :)

  4. I really need to follow #6. I am the worst with money! These are fantastic ideas to becoming a better person! love them!

  5. Amazing idea! I definitely need to do this challenge. Like yesterday!

  6. But Amanda, not complaining all day is going to be soooo hard for me! Kidding. :) But really, I think I would struggle most with that one. Complaining is easy to do and easy to do absentmindedly. I should for sure work on that one.

  7. Fabulous idea, girl! *now off to think about some goals i can make* :)

  8. I love this! It's awesome! I'm going to make my own list!

  9. This is awesome! I think I'm going to make my own list of things I want to change in my life.

    New follower :)

  10. I love this idea of tackling one thing at a time. I might need to re-evaluate my New Years goals and look at them this way. Love it.

  11. I absolutely adore this post. What an awesome idea.

    I love the points you're focusing on too.

    Love love love.

  12. THANK YOU! I need this to remind myself that I need to be a better person. I am in a better place now than I was last year, however, I still want to be more giving, loving, shopping savvy, and overall, Strive for the best i guess!

    21 days...I'll set a daily reminder :)


  13. I LOVE THIS. It speaks directly to me. Love finding blogs like this.

  14. I love this post and I adore your blog! Did you design it yourself?

    1. Hey Sadie! Thank you so much for the compliments! And yes. I did design the blog myself.

  15. very inspiring! Impressed after reading this ! ;)

  16. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing :)

  17. i'm gonna take the challenge

  18. This is definitely going tone a challenge but I am willing to try it

  19. you are so inspiring, thank you for share this and thank you for always being you

  20. Wow....thats amazing...i really enjoyed reading it.


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