some things.

this weekend, my sister & her husband, mr. schroeder, and i 
went to dinner & the monster truck tour.
it was a blast!

guess how i got these babies? 
i won tickets...through the radio.

on the way home from the tour, my brother in law travis says, 
"you guys are so lucky. how do you win everything on the radio?" 
& then i hear, "call now" on the the background.
i had mr. schroeder call & yes, he was caller 93. 
that being said, we won some more tickets to the harlem globetrotters, too.
unfortunately, we'll be out of town, but i gave the tickets to my sister.
we were also qualified to win a famous daves dinner & limousine ride. 
cool, huh? 
if any of you read this post, you should know, i win things on the radio like mad. 
i've won circus tickets, movie tickets, carrie underwood cd, cowboy gatherings, 
concert tickets, and super super fun events. 
it's definitely real fun to get to go have a fun night...for free! 
on the other hand, i think i'm the only one obsessed with winning things on the radio.

also, here is something fabulous i learned this weekend:

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