pray pray pray

mr. schroeder always seems to know the right answers.
& i thought i would share a conversation we had the other day.

ME: so you would think i have prayer completely understood by now.
but i have a quick question.
let's talk about my cousin jaren for a minute. 
he got really sick and we prayed and fasted and prayed some more that he would be okay.
but he wasn't. so we prayed for something. & didn't get what we prayed for.
in other words, god has a plan & will for everyone. 
so if his plan was to take jaren, why are we even praying? 
his 'plan' is going to happen either way. 

TREV: that's a really good question. let me put this into a similar situation.
you have a father.
you go home & tell your father what you learned in school, or what you did that day.
you talk, you hang out, you build a strong relationship...with your father.
if you never talked to him, you wouldn't have much of a relationship, would you?
so that's how it is with heavenly father. we need to build a relationship with him.
if you ask your dad if you can go sledding, and he says, "no" 
there's clearly a reason for that. there's something better for you. that's why he says no.

i've thought about it all week.
and now, it truly makes sense to me. prayer strengthens my faith.
i just constantly had that in the back of my mind.
i'm so thankful for a dedicated husband with such a strong testimony of the gospel.
i truly think i'd be so so lost if it wasn't for him picking me up along the way.

i hope you can all pray at least two times a day.
say prayers in your heart, too!
your faith is strengthened so incredibly much. 
& you always have a better day when you start it off with a prayer.

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