comparison. don't.

am i the only one guilty of this? 
cruising around my pinterest feed & see something that shocks me? 
grabs my attention like no other mother.
maybe a kitchen you've always dreamt of
or a quote that never spoke to you the way it did before? 
i found a quote. by elder uchtdorf, himself. 
it is amazing. and some might not even get the same 'click' i did. 
it's on comparison.
i've thought about this so much lately. me. comparing myself to others.
there are a select three people i look up to very much.
i compare my actions with theirs. & i think about them while making decisions.
sort of a, "what would this person do?"
when i told mr. schroeder this, he scolded me, 
"you need to be your own person. be yourself. not them." 
but what if i want to be them? no. they're taken. 
does anybody do that? am i alone in this? ha.
sometimes, i take a gander at my weaknesses, and think, 
"how could these ever be strengths?"

i have been found guilty of comparing my weaknesses to other's strengths.
elder uchtdorf is an amazing man. i love him! 
if you want to read the whole article, click here.
i think there is a reason he addresses it to women.
i am always comparing my cooking to my mom's cooking.
the same generosity as bailey hunt.
& the same creativity to hailey devine.
those are strengths these wonderful women posses.
so i gotta quit. and i vouch to quit now. 
and be my own person, focusing on my own weaknesses..polishing them into strengths.
i challenge every single one of you to do the same.
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