diamond ring tips

i've talked about my wedding ring a little teensy bit.
it is one of my most prized possessions.
to me, a wedding ring is a visual symbol of loyalty, respect & commitment.
a lot of people think they have to go to a jeweler to clean their ring.
not true at all! home made ring cleaner works just as fabulous.
and there is more than one solution in case one just isn't working for you.
before i start with cleaning solution, there are just two tips i wanted to share.

1. never sleep with your wedding ring on.
i think i am the only one in my group of friends that follows this rule.
ask any jeweler. they will all discourage it. 
your ring rubs against the sheets which creates friction. this friction
wears down the prongs, & wears the metal down faster.
you could easily bump your ring into your headboard which could easily damage the ring.
if it gets caught on a thread, this could lift the prong (releasing the stone)
or even break the prong.
you may think this is crazy. but two of my diamonds fell out after always sleeping with it on.
some may say, "this has never happened to me." 
it all depends on the shape and design of the ring & i still wouldn't risk it.

2. lotion & oily products are not your diamonds friend.
lotion will cloud your diamond making it...not-so-clean.  
i remember cleaning my ring & putting lotion on afterward...
yeah, instant filthiness.

okay now for the solution to clean your ring.
these are the three things i have personally tried:

1. baking soda & water.
take your baking soda & pour it into a small bowl.
get a teensy bit of warm water to pour into the bowl & stir.
it'll create this paste-like material. you want that!
rub the paste all over your ring & setting & then wash off. 
dry with lint-free cloth.
that simple! you can repeat the process if your ring is super dirty.

2. warm water & dishwasher detergent.
soak the ring in warm water & dishwasher detergent & scrub with a toothbrush.
dry with lint-free cloth.

3. ammonia & cold water.
soak in equal amounts of cold water & ammonia for 30 minutes.
dry with lint-free cloth.

voila! a clean & sparkly ring for you to enjoy.

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