one of the top five things i hear from people is 
"before you have kids, be sure to get out & travel a lot." 
i love when people say that. i sincerely love it so so much.
before i met mr. schroeder, my family traveled pretty often. 
we would always have vacations planned the year before. it was a blast.
mr. schroeder didn't travel much. so i thought it would be a bit of a shift.
it had been about a month since we were married 
& we were in the finals for a vacation contest.
mr. schroeder talked to the camera first. he stated he wanted to travel before he had kids.
on that day, nothing could have made my heart smile more. 
if i could pick two passions i posses, it would be music and traveling.
i honestly feel it is so important to go out and see the world. 
see different things, experience new things, and step out of your comfort zone.
i took a challenge upon myself. once a year, go somewhere i haven't gone before.

that's not too hard. it doesn't mean you have to fly to tokyo. 
just go to the rope swing your husband talks about all the time three hours away,
drive to vegas for the weekend. 
i've heard that it's nearly impossible to be a free spirit once you're married. 
i will prove that analogy wrong. this year. 

in 2012, we managed to get a few places: 

the bahamas.

 lake powell.

sand mountain.

bear lake. my favorite place ever.

washington dc

{i went to} dallas, texas

{moved to} virginia beach, va

{moved to}: richmond, virginia

{moved to} alpine, utah

i can't believe how much change there was for us this year. good change.
i am looking forward to 2013. i am stoked. i am anxious. and i am blessed.
do any of you have travel plans? did 2012 take you anywhere unforgettable?


  1. yay for traveling :) dc is on my bucket list!

    ps stoked to play at the end of the month. oh and no snap chats today.. i left my phone at my apt. boo!

  2. DANG that was a LOT for 2012 but that is absolutely awesome! I'm planning on going to ireland/scotland this year...first time over seas...i'm so excited! :)

  3. Aww you two have been all over the place!! :)

  4. i am so jealous. we haven't gone anywhere. im hoping we can change that this year and maybe get a real honeymoon in, doubtful but i can always dream, right?


  5. So fun! We are going to the arches this summer..I am so excited!

  6. Your 2012 was busy and you went to some lovely places!
    I went to NYC for 10 days and although I had been there before I hadn't been for 10+ years and I had never stayed in the city before, only gone in for the day. This year I am going to Rome, I can't wait, I've never been to Italy before.

  7. I adore that picture of you guys by Lake Powell--so romantic!

    I too love to travel, and I would also call it one of my passions. Unfortunately, we hardly have the funds to do much traveling, but this last year we did scrape together enough to go on an Alaskan cruise. I've been lucky enough to experience a lot of different places in my life, and I think those kinds of experiences are necessary in some ways for our own growth and development, esp. when it comes to things like understanding "the other."

    I loved this reminder to make the time to travel, even if it's close by. You've inspired me to set my next travel goal :)

    1. Oh goodness. THANK YOU for saying that. Some people think traveling means having to have a very large amount of money coming in every month. Not true whatsoever! Excited to hear all about your next travel goal :)

  8. wow you went so many places! so cool! :) we;ve been able to travel a lot too this year, even being pregnant. :)

  9. I love this!! Do you mind if I do a post similar to this? I think this is the best 2012 recap post I've seen yet (and you know the blogosphere has been jammed packed with them lately!).

  10. So much change! I was in Australia from March-October this year which was pretty cool, but I have a whole new life starting soon with the beginning of a new job and I'm pretty damn excited about that :D

  11. You moved three times this year? Dang! moving is the worst! I fully agree with this post though. It's important to be adventurous and go see and experience new things before you have kids. That's definitely my philosophy. I'm really hoping we can get to the grand canyon this year.

  12. 2012 was full of changes for Ryan and I too, although we didn't move 3 tims!! What were you moving for?! Also, I'm jealous as hell about all your traveling. Color me poor, but I'm pretty sure the extent of my traveling last year was to Wisconsin, lol!

    Also, your place in Richmond looks amazing. And I'm loving your place now, those doors? I want them. You should post more pictures for me to lust over.


  13. 2012 took me to Germany! That was my big work trip. I also went to Vegas and South Padre Island. I wish I could travel outside of the US more. But I definitely make the most of taking daytrips around Texas.

  14. I love it! (: I'm heading out to Scotland in May. It'll be the first time that I've ever been overseas.

    Aside from that, I went to NYC for the first time back in December (there's posts on my blog), and I just got back from NOLA! I'd say that I'm starting the year right, and I hope that you make it to wherever your heart desires! I'm so glad that you understand the importance of traveling. The world is almost impossibly beautiful, so why not try to see it? (:

  15. Love it! You guys got to heaps of places last year. Together we didn't go many places but I got to go to te US and Barcelona for work. This year we are going to the Northern Territory here is Australia, east coast USA (ny, dc, Chicago, Ohio), New Zealand and maybe Bali! It's going to be a fun year!

  16. Such gorgeous, sweet pictures!

  17. I definitely love this idea to travel somewhere new at least once a year! I'll definitely have to do this!
    xo TJ


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