catch up & fondue

i took some lovely photos on my new dslr & haven't had the time 
to put them on the computer yet! so i thought i'd share a couple from new year's eve
and a couple of pretty sappy ones {sorry}.

now for the super super fun part...
for christmas, we got a chocolate fondue package thinger.
it's called velata.

from the creators of scentsy, you put the delicious belgian chocolate in the microwave,
squeeze into velata tray, & enjoy.
velata keeps it at the perfect temperature so the chocolate won't easily burn.
it is absolutely perfect for date night because it is the perfect size. 
velata is definitely my new favorite thing. i recommend it to everyone in the universe.
here are some fun photos we took last night:

yummy yummy yummy.
i'm not entirely sure if these are only available in utah.
but if you're an out of stater, and you are interested in buying one,
i can help you out & ship it to you. just because i love you. 
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