are your pictures being used on the internet?

mr. schroeder & i love the show catfish. 
if you haven't seen it, it's about people meeting & falling in love online.
from the show, i learned how to do a google search of an image. 
i did this & became aware that many of my photos are being used on sites 
{without even citing their source.}
i may be the last one finding out about this. but if you are like me & weren't aware of this,
 i am here to show you how!

step 1:
copy the image URL by right clicking on the photo & clicking
"copy image url."
if you are using firefox, you will click "copy image location"
 if you are using safari, click "copy image address."
if you are using internet explorer, right click the image, hit properties,
& highlight the address URL. then hit CTRL-C to copy.

step 2:
go to google and paste the code into a search.
click "search by image"

step 3: you will see where your photos are being used
OR the search engine will pull up similar images to yours.

i thought this would be the best photo for this post since it is literally everywhere.

{silly me. i made a tutorial on how to get free music "legally."
i believed some of my friends that it was completely legal, and for some reason,
didn't think much more about it.
i apologize on my free music tips. it isn't entirely legal. and there is a reason why i deleted the post.}

my tutorial may have been confusing. so if it was, feel free to comment below
& i will get back to you with an answer!
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