finding joy.

i think i have talked about this countless times.
but this is one of my favorite talks of all time.
i think mr. schroeder & i have mastered this one.
i used to always think this way:
"once i graduate, life will be perfect.
once i get married, life will be perfect.
once i have kids, my life will be perfect.
once we buy a house, my life will be perfect."
but no no no. when mr. schroeder & i got married, we talked about this...briefly.
we are finding joy. in the journey.
 if i could have everyone remember & apply this...
the world would be a much better place. much much.

•if you are going through something extremely challenging, stop & think about it.
don't wish it was over. don't wish, 'life will be good after this.'
these bad days make you appreciate the good.
and every single trial allows you some sort of lesson.
•glance toward the future, but don't spend all your time concentrated on it.

mr. schroeder is the perfect example of this.
could i get more lucky? no. i honestly don't think so.
he is the perfect example of finding joy in the journey.
constantly reminding me that life is good. life is beautiful. life is a lesson.

most days, i don't know how i got so lucky.
my husband is amazing. he is one-of-a-kind.
why did he choose me? i am flawed. and so far from perfect.
he really is my best friend.
i am amazed every day at what he does for me
& the faith he has in me to become the best wife i could be.

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