a sappy week.

eight days until valentine's.
it is my favorite holiday. i love it. so much. so so much.
this is the month i went through the temple one year ago.
this is the month i married my best friend one year ago.
this is the month that changed my life forever... one year ago.
love is sappy. it is incredibly cheesy & corny. but super sentimental.
i'm such a weirdo. you might not be able to get much weirder than me.
and that's why i love this quote so much:

i mean, i just think mr. schroeder & i are weird.
that is the best word that explains us.
we laugh at the silliest things. 
we dance around looking ugly & laugh at ourselves.
we play pranks on each other.
and we also deal with trials...
which we end up laughing about, too.
we are weird, people.
and i think you know if you have found the one if this quote makes perfect sense to you.

love must be mad passionate extraordinary love.
if it's mediocre, it is a waste of time.
i'm glad i found a weird guy to share my weirdness.
i'm afraid for our future...our kids are going to be weirder than weird.
but wait. 
two negatives equal a positive.
hey hey! we might have normal kids.
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