i love him.

365 days ago, i was married for time & all eternity in salt lake city
to the most perfect & respectful man there ever was.

my mind is completely blown.
it has been one year. i have been married a year.
am i still even considered a newlywed?

 i'll just say yes. 
i can't even begin to describe how much i love mr. schroeder. 
he is my other half. his strengths fulfill my weaknesses. 
he gives me the best pep talks anyone has ever given me.
he is hardworking, dedicated, & always makes my dreams come true.
i love him more than life itself & can't imagine life without him. 

i love his laugh. the way he throws his head back & looks at me like, 
"did you really just say that?"
i love the smell of carpet & tools when he gets home at night.
i love his scruff.
and i love the way he talks in his sleep.
he is constantly trying to make me feel better about myself.
he always looks for the good in people.
if i ever say, "that person was really grumpy today, weren't they?"
of course, he'll jump back with a "maybe they had a bad day." "or maybe their cat died." 
he's funny. but so kind-hearted, too.
i love love LOVE the way he is exactly like his father.
his stories are perfect, his obsession with sunflower seeds & beef jerky,
especially the complete humble way he presents himself.
i am a blessed woman. so incredibly blessed.

for our second year of marriage, i am going to focus on: 
•cooking more.
•not criticizing when mr. schroeder leaves his socks all over the place.
•showing my love in more ways than one.
•focus on bettering myself to become the best wife i can be.
•support my husband's decisions through faith
•suggest prayers, family night, and temple dates more often. 
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