I probably have 20-30 embarrassing videos of Trevor. This guy makes me laugh. Three quarters of the time, he has no idea that I am recording. I made a collage of all his "dancing in the car" videos on the way to Oregon and was gonna share it, but didn't. Then I came across another video that was made when we were engaged. Here's the story: My room mate at the time, Missy, had glasses and blonde shoulder-length hair. She's basically the funniest human being I've ever met in my life. She made up this song about having a hole in her pants and Trevor laughed so hard and repeated watching it over & over. Then, we went to Idaho and Trevor found his mom's wig in her bathroom. It resembled Missy's hair color & length. So he put it on. Put some glasses on & started jamming to the song she previously sang. We did like 8 takes or something. But I could watch this video over & over and never get sick of it. This man that I'm married to? He is FUNNY! He is such a hoot. I can't imagine being married to a super boring man with no sense of humor. The best part? He usually does this stuff JUST to make me laugh.

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