REPOST: Comparison

i love this post because of all the crazy feedback i got from it. i was definitely shocked to learn that most women find themselves comparing their flukes & habits to others. it definitely made me feel like i wasn't alone. and when i write, i get everything out, & i'm done. when i wrote this, i vowed to never compare myself to other people again. and i didn't. i truly haven't since then. & i'm grateful for that. here's the original post...

am i the only one guilty of this? 
cruising around my pinterest feed & see something that shocks me? 
grabs my attention like no other mother.
maybe a kitchen you've always dreamt of
or a quote that never spoke to you the way it did before? 
i found a quote. by elder uchtdorf, himself. 
it is amazing. and some might not even get the same 'click' i did. 
it's on comparison.
i've thought about this so much lately. me. comparing myself to others.
there are a select three people i look up to very much.
i compare my actions with theirs. & i think about them while making decisions.
sort of a, "what would this person do?"
when i told mr. schroeder this, he scolded me, 
"you need to be your own person. be yourself. not them." 
but what if i want to be them? no. they're taken. 
does anybody do that? am i alone in this? ha.
sometimes, i take a gander at my weaknesses, and think, 
"how could these ever be strengths?"

i have been found guilty of comparing my weaknesses to other's strengths.
elder uchtdorf is an amazing man. i love him! 
if you want to read the whole article, click here.
i think there is a reason he addresses it to women.
i am always comparing my cooking to my mom's cooking.
the same generosity as bailey hunt.
& the same creativity to hailey devine.
those are strengths these wonderful women posses.
so i gotta quit. and i vouch to quit now. 
and be my own person, focusing on my own weaknesses..polishing them into strengths.
i challenge every single one of you to do the same.


  1. A beautiful post! And I love the repost idea...I'm glad you did otherwise I probably would have never seen this!

  2. pinterest is the best. its highly addicting. I try not to get on it at least once a week b/c it can waste hours of your time.

  3. i love this! elder uchtdorf is such an awesome man and speaker! thank you for sharing the talk :)

  4. I just love everything about your blog. And you. Your posts always encourage me or bring a smile to my face somehow. I know that this is a repost, and I really hope that you've gotten better with the comparing and such, because you're an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person inside and out! :)

  5. I have a real problem with comparison,I do it ALOT, it's hard osmrtimes to try and not let it consume you, God made you perfect in his eyes, so shouldn't that be enough?..Well yes but you know it's not that easy lol, I feel like I could always be a bette rmother, wife, daughter, crafter, employee, ugh it's a never ending struggle, I feel your pain sister lol

  6. I love this! I love all your posts. There so cute! Aren't you so excited for Conference this weekend, then we get to have so many new amazing quotes! your blog is adorable.


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