I'm confused about my friend situation

I'll always be confused as to whether or not I can MAKE new friends and have them be as close to me as my high school girlfriends are. It seems harder than ever. Are there even girls out there who like to get their hair wet, yet girls who like to dress up and go out for the evening every once in awhile? There aren't many girls who feel extremely uncomfortable when people start gossiping. And not only that, girls who don't give a crap about what other people, wear, what other people do, or what other people have become. At times, I have a hard time finding friends who get my odd style & the ones who want to laugh until they cry on the daily with me.

When I got married, my friend situation did a 180 and I got a little bit lost. It was weird for me to go from completely reliant upon my friends my whole life, then get married and BAM, lose 100% of your guy friends. To be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way, but at the same time, I still find it very interesting that when I send a quick "Welcome home from your mission! Hope you're doing great!" message, and they don't respond, because they think it's awkward that I'm married. I have had the same best friends forever...like since Kindergarten. As goes for meeting new friends, I find it SO hard. I find it hard to make new inside jokes. I find it hard to be 110% myself just in case my sarcasm offends anyone or if my beliefs don't line up with others, not to mention finding friends where our spouses are great friends, too. When I got married, things changed. The few girlfriends I had are still my best. I sort of assumed that when I got married, we could meet cute married couples and have so much fun with them all the time. Reality kicked in, yo. And that sure did not happen.

I'm wondering if everyone has this problem, or if I am the odd man out here. I've seriously enjoyed meeting fabulous women through blogging and especially women I can relate with. On the other hand, it's a different kind of friendship...one that doesn't leave the cyber world very often. I suppose I've come to the conclusion that after marriage, friends scatter, and the only true friend you absolutely need is your husband. I'm super fine with that. As for those days he goes out of town, someone should holler at me or something. Because being alone is not my cup of tea. 

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