It's always something

Growing up, I didn't have a care in the world. I had a burden placed on my shoulders in my teenage years and overcame it. Other than that, I had the world at my hands. I moved out, went to college, had the time of my life, learned some crazy good lessons, and got married. After getting married to the man of my dreams, life was so good. Then things started coming up.

A week before we got married, Trevor had to get a certain simple outpatient surgery to make sure he didn't have anything serious going on with him. After we got married, a week later, we got the bill. And it wasn't pretty. I panicked. Because bills kept coming, they kept piling up, and we were so so poor.  In the end, things turned out. We ended up paying the bill on time, and went on with our lives. 

A few months later, life consisted of medical bills, yet again. It was never ending, really. After that, Trevor got a new job that made us feel there was a brighter future. We moved across the country to Virginia Beach, and Trevor worked his hard working bum off. Long story short, we didn't get paid. We were poor. We didn't have food. We were hungry. I probably cried every day and it was emotionally exhausting on Trevor because he felt as if he couldn't support us. Could he? Absolutely. We made it through. Miracles happened and the big man upstairs was watching out for us the whole time. After moving back to Utah, things were really good and things kept happening. The car transmission would go out, more medical bills would pile up, and life? It was still good. We still got through. As goes for things happening? They're still going to. Because they always do. Things will always happen. It is always something.

 I don't know why it took getting married for me to realize this. My mom always tells me, "It is always something." She has always said that and it's so true. A part of life is for bad things to happen. As goes for the good things, they are happening around you. It's all about your perspective. There's just always something. In our lives, there will probably always be a medical bill, a car problem, someone close to us becoming sick or in trouble, just something. However, our perspective isn't going to change. Our love for one another shouldn't change. The fact that we are okay and we are healthy should be the thing that counts, not the bills. Our faith shouldn't change either. And as long as we have that, those things that pop up shouldn't matter a bit. I have everything a girl could want. And that won't change. 
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