I miss him

Mr. Schroeder has a job that gives him the opportunity to travel out of town quite a bit. For awhile, he was going to Idaho almost every other weekend to do a job. We sat down and talked about how it was hard on our marriage, and that maybe he should only take the jobs that would help us out in a way we needed it to. He works with my brother-in-law and I think they make a pretty great team. This week, they took some jobs out in Vernal, 9 HOUSES, 4 hours away. This was his load of carpet and pad.

Can you believe it? Get this. That’s not even all of it. It blows my mind how incredibly hardworking he is. A few days before he went out, he told my brother in law that he wanted to go rake leaves at my parents house because my dad had a hard time doing it. My brother-in-law told him he’d help him and they went out there, and raked leaves for hours. There were so many bags full (I think there were 24 big black garbage bags) by the end of the night. 

It’s certain little acts of kindness that make me take another second and think, “Wow.” I really did marry an amazing man. For a minute, I reminisced back to a time in my life where I easily could have married a man who didn’t know how to work. And I didn’t realize how big of a deal that was until I met someone who KNEW how to work right, correctly, and be proud of his work. Trevor told me something last week that stood out to me. “I know I take  a little bit longer than a lot of carpet installers to do my job, however, when I’m done, I look at it and say, ‘Dang! That’s my work!’ and I’m really proud of what I just did.”  I’m proud of him, too. I just miss him. And can’t wait for him to come home to me. 
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