Mormon Monday: What's an easier way to understand the Book of Mormon?

Q: What's an easier way to understand the Book of Mormon?

A: I have ALWAYS struggled with understanding the Book of Mormon. Though I love to read and I love english, I have a hard time comprehending everything happening, symbolism, and most importantly, what the Lord is trying to reveal to us. I've always struggled reading it and walking away feeling like, "Wow. I just learned so much from that." Though I always felt the spirit in my heart, I never got as much as I wanted out of it. And then, I was at my mom's house and saw this book sitting on her desk. It's called "Your study of the Book of Mormon Made Easier" by David J. Ridges. There are 3 volumes to cover the entire Book of Mormon. Though it takes quite a bit longer to read through the entire book, I was absolutely amazed after just ONE chapter how much I had already learned. This book is simple. It allows for easy learning. And has completely changed my life around. I've had many friends come to me asking me about HOW it is I am understanding this book so well. And this book is the answer. I seriously suggest every single person to read it simply because there are absolutely miraculous things I have read that I NEVER would have got otherwise. Also, in case you're wanting to purchase these books, I recommend Amazon for physical copies & for Kindle edition? Even cheaper.

I found this book myself and this post was not sponsored. If you have any questions about Mormonism, please email me at we(n)serendipity(at) and your question(s) could be featured on future Mormon Monday posts! 
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