Baby Easton

I have always wanted to witness a miracle. To me, miracles are super enchanting. I've experienced countless miracles in the 21 years of my life. This past week has been rather emotionally exhausting, but I witnessed another major miracle. My sister, Rachel, was pregnant with her first child and had some health problems prior to it - she has been through SO much! She was 30 weeks pregnant and her and her husband had a feeling that she should go to the hospital when she wasn't feeling that great. So she went. The doctors diagnosed her with severe preeclampsia. They rushed her in an ambulance to another hospital to try and lower her blood pressure so that the baby didn't have to come so early. A few days passed, and they did an emergency C-section. The baby is 2 pounds and 11 ounces but HEALTHY and STRONG. The night I first found out, I went home, and didn't sleep at all. I cried all night. I was so upset and worried for my sister and my brand new nephew. The next day, I think I was so exhausted and drained, I just lost it. I couldn't find my way home and I was completely panicking. I was so scared. I think it's because of how worried I was. Baby Easton is super premature. But the miraculous part? He is going to be okay. He is perfectly fine, just needs to learn a few things and gain some weight before he leaves the hospital. He was already breathing on his own within 2 days! That is madness! Had my sister and her husband not had the prompting of the Holy Ghost to go get checked  ut at the hospital, the baby and her may not be here. I am so incredibly grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost. Just in time for Thanksgiving, baby Easton was born healthy and strong, and though it'll be a few months, he is just fine. I love him to pieces already. I am so hooked on this child! He is all I think about 24/7. I can't imagine what it's like to have my own kid someday. If I'm obsessing over someone else's kid, what is that going to be like? Since I got married, I've had this crazy fascination with kids -- and I love them more than I ever loved them before marriage. I don't know what this marriage thing did to me -- I suppose I saw the importance of families and what really matters in this lifetime and suddenly, felt a real heavy love. 

I would LOVE it if you all kept baby Easton and his parents in your prayers still. The sooner he gains weight and is able to do everything on his own, the sooner they get him home. Happy Thanksgiving! There is SO much life (and so many lives) to be grateful for.
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