Do Mormons believe in the bible?

Q: Do Mormons believe in the Bible? I've heard of their "Book of Mormon" but I am a firm believer in the Bible. 

A: yes! Mormons absolutely believe (and believe to study) the Bible, as long as it is translated correctly. We view it as a powerful, important, and sacred holy record that serves as the bedrock of all Christianity. The Bible is rich in history, doctrine, stories, sermons and testimonies, all each witness that Jesus Christ is the Divine Son of our Heavenly Father. The Bible is the word of God & came from the writings of holy men of God as they were moved upon the Holy Ghost. (Peter 1:20-21). Through the same process, we also believe in the Book of Mormon, which supports and exalts the Bible. As far as the Book of Mormon goes, the book is another witness of Jesus Christ and confirms the truths found in the Holy Bible. The book was written by many ancient prophets by the spirit of prophecy and revelation.  If you'd like your OWN copy, to read and find out for yourself, feel free to email me or leave a comment and I would be HAPPY to send you one!

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